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2019 18u PGF-Premier National Champions

Fielding Lessons With Dave Mercado and Rob Baca

   Lessons will be Postponed Until Further Notice  

The safety of our athletes will always be our most concern. With the continued Crisis we will be postponing our fielding lessons until further notice. We will be in contact with local authorities to assure things are safe prior to us returning. 

Cost $40.00

10-12u      warm up starts at 4:30pm and Lesson ends at 6:00pm
14u-16u-18u      warm up starts at 5:30pm Lesson ends at 7:00pm
Norco Community Park: 3939 Cedar Ave, Norco, Ca 92860

RSVP at 951-751-0046 (include player name and team)

2016 PGF National Champions 14u (Athletics-Mercado Smith)

2014 PGF National Champions 12u (Athletics-Mercado Smith)

2013 PGF National Champions

2013 PGF National Champions 12u (Athletics-Mercado TO)

2017 12u PGF Shootout (Athletics-Hovermale)

16u Mike Smith PGF PreHS Champions (Athletics-Smith)

10u OCCoastal Classic Champs (Athletics-Martinez)

14u OCCoastal Classic Champs (Athletics-Sosa)

16u The Dons Battle on Champions (Athletics-Mercado 2019)

!2u Fall Classic Champions (Athletics-Mercado 2023)

Mercado/Kinch Monster Mash Champions

12u Monster Mash Champions (Athletics-Mercado Kinch)

Welcome to the Athletics-Mercado Academy 

We are very excited to get the new season started. David Mercado and Brian Tidd have partnered with some amazing sponsors this season.           


4 time PGF National Champions in the past 6 years.   

*Competed in 7 National Championships at 10u, 2-12u, 14u, 2-16u and 18u

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS at 12ux2, 14u and 18u  


This Academy is now a Nation wide.

As an Academy we push to develop our players to work harder, play smarter and Win Championships, this is who we are.  We have competed in 7 PGF National Championships over the past few years and 1 ASA National Championship in 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u. We have players committed and playing in top College programs. We are very proud of our traditions and development of some of the finest athletes in the Country.


Uniform Pants, Batting gloves, Bats and Gloves are now Posted on Team Gear Page, Order form is also available on the same page



SoCal/AZ/NoCal Fall Raffle Prizes Fundraiser

Raffle item winner Winning item Player that sold winning ticket Winning item for player Raffle number
Raffle 1 Benji Ecobedo 70 inch TV Chari Escobedo 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 13051
Raffle 2 Xiane Romero 65 inch TV Xiane Romero 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 13296
Raffle 3 Mike Cook 65 inch TV Rachel Cook 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 14384
Raffle 4 Tomei $500.00 Visa Gift Card Sharon Tomei 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 13977
Raffle 5 Benji Ecobedo 350.00 Visa Gift Card Chari Escobedo A2000 Glove 13052
Raffle 6 Deanna Partridge $250.00 Visa gift card Sarry 07 A2000 Glove 10255
Raffle 7 JD Haendiges $250.00 Visa gift card Sarah Haendiges A2000 Glove 13334
Raffle 8 Hailey Weddington $200.00 Visa gift card Alyson Walling A2000 Glove 10890
Raffle 9 AJ Walker $200.00 Visa gift card Kasscay M Powernet 7x7 net + Tee 12982
Raffle 10 Kevin Nelson $150.00 Visa gift card Kaylah Nelson Powernet 7x7 net + Tee 13612
Raffle 11 Karis Ford $150.00 Visa gift card Karis Ford 150.00 Gift Cert AM Store 10866
Raffle 12 Evelyn Aguiar $150.00 Visa gift card Anneliessa A 150.00 Gift Cert AM Store 12775
Raffle 13 Kelena Brongiel $100.00 Visa gift card Kaitlyn Brongiel 100.00 Visa gift card 12844
Raffle 14 Jonne Alderson $100.00 Visa gift card Tatum Maytorena 100.00 Visa gift card 12924
Raffle 15 Cesar Castaneda $100.00 Visa gift card Alyssa Castaneda 100.00 Visa gift card 12078
Raffle 16 Anna Vasquez $100.00 Visa gift card Jae Vasquez 100.00 Visa gift card 12056
Raffle item winner Winning item Player that sold winning ticket Winning item for player Raffle number
Raffle 1 Lizzeth 70 inch TV Mari 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 11217
Raffle 2 Mercedes E 65 inch TV Haven C 2020 LXT or Demarini bat 12648
Raffle 3 Anthony B $500.00 Visa Gift Card Sonia Gres A2000 Glove 11499
Raffle 4 Vanessa Valdez $350.00 Visa Gift Card Mackenzie Hernandez A2000 Glove 12358
Raffle 5 C Hagarty $250.00 Visa gift card M Kiefer Powernet 7x7 net + Tee 12576
Raffle 6 Laura Juarez $250.00 Visa gift card Lauren O Powernet 7x7 net + Tee 14618
Raffle 7 Alfonso Rosales $200.00 Visa gift card Ciana Rodriguez Powernet 7x7 net + Tee 14668
Raffle 8 Arlene Chapa $200.00 Visa gift card Layla Colunga 150.00 Gift Cert AM Store 11676
Raffle 9 Diandra Rodriquez $150.00 Visa gift card Nadia Rodirguez 150.00 Gift Cert AM Store 12717
Raffle 10 Heather Pair $150.00 Visa gift card Hannah Pair 100.00 Visa gift card 14673
Raffle 11 Michelle $100.00 Visa gift card Jenise Ramirez 100.00 Visa gift card 12505
Raffle 12 $100.00 Visa gift card 100.00 Visa gift card

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18u TCS Firecrackers Invitational Co-Champs (Mercado/Smith)

14u Monster Mash Champions (Athletics-Mercado Sosa)

10u TCS PreThanksgiving Champions (Athletics-Mercado 2024)

18u USSSA Champions (Athletics-Mercado TO)

14u SoCals Finest Champions (Athletics-Mercado 2020)

14u Mothers Day Classic Champs (Athletics-Mercado 2020)

12u Coke-A-Cola Classic Champs (Athletics-Mercado Hovermale)

Athletics-Mercado Academy

Athletics-Mercado Academy

Gamers Academy Inc.

Phone: 951-760-9490

Athletics-Mercado Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization.